Regular Members


An applicant for REGULAR MEMBERSHIP shall be a firm or corporation that is actively engaged in furnishing supplies and/or services to ships and shipowners and who meets the membership eligibility requirements set forth by the Board of Directors. At any meeting of the members, each regular member present in person is entitled to one vote.

All applicants for membership shall complete and sign an application form provided by the Association and submit the application to the Membership Committee via the Executive Director. Admission of all applicants for membership shall be made by the Board of Directors or Executive Committee upon recommendation of the Membership Committee or in such other manner as the Board of Directors may determine. Upon payment of dues and fees as specified in these By-Laws, an applicant whose membership has been approved shall be enrolled by the President or the Executive Director of the Association. Any partnership or corporation that becomes a Regular Member of the Association shall file with the NAMS secretary a letter naming an individual employed by the applicant as its “designated representative” empowered to vote on the company’s behalf.

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM – 2018When completed, please return the form to Payment for the first year of dues must be provided to NAMS before an application will be considered. Should an application for membership be rejected, the dues payment will be returned to the applicant.

Thank you for your interst in becoming a value member of the NAMS community!