Member Benefits

Why join NAMS?  There are plenty of benefits, that’s why!


As a member of NAMS, your company can benefit from the following services and activities:

  • The NAMS Membership Directory is posted on our website and is available for downloading. And in addition to your listing, you have the opportunity to advertise on the website Directory at very reasonable rates. This is very cost-effective exposure to the shipping industry worldwide. We promote our website to 400 + US companies and more than 2100 companies worldwide – ship owner/ship management companies who are your clients.
  • The NAMS annual meeting (COMPASS) is designed to provide business management and industry information from peers, professionals, and subject matter experts.  Most importantly, it offers a chance to interact with your ship supplier colleagues.
  • NAMS’ website is We use the website and e-newsletters to communicate information on industry and business issues to our members.
  • Membership in NAMS automatically means membership in the International Ship Suppliers Association (ISSA). You’ll have access to a company listing in the annual ISSA Register, a key benefit to NAMS members, not available to non-member chandleries in the United States. The distribution of the ISSA Register is worldwide in the shipping industry. NAMS is also the U.S. distributor for the ISSA catalog. The newest edition, printed in 2008 is now available from NAMS Headquarters. The price of the 2-volume plus CD is $265.
  • International collaboration with our Canadian colleagues — NAMS formed a joint group (COMPASS) with the Canadian Association (CSSA) to administer a joint annual meeting and collaborate on projects of mutual interest.
  • In addition to the NAMS website, a joint website with the Canadian Association. exists as a resource to the industry. This website lists all U.S. and Canadian member ship suppliers and has port interactive information and links.
  • NAMS represents ship supplier interests in government and international regulations through our legal counsel, Mr. Edison Dick, who has his office in Washington, DC.
  • NAMS currently has 45 Ship Supplier members with 18 branches – covering every port in the U.S. that supplies ocean-going vessels. There are also 34 Associate members who sell their products through NAMS ship supplier distribution.
  • One of the least apparent benefits, one that has more value perhaps than any other, is the contact with professioal peers on an informal, one-on-one basis to exchange information and ideas.  NAMS members, talking to other NAMS members offers unparallelled value.




Click here to access an application for membership.

To prevent any unnecessary delays in processing your application, please complete each question thoroughly.  It is important that you have a sponsor indicated on your application. A sponsor is another ship supplier that is a NAMS member.

If you have any questions, please contact Libby O’Malley, NAMS Executive Director, at 540-424-0089 or

Thank you for considering membership in NAMS!  We look forward to receiving your application and including you in the NAMS community!