The ISSA Ship Supplies Catalog is essential reading for all those wishing to purchase ship supplies internationally. An easy-to-use coding system means purchasers can see what they are ordering. By quoting the accompanying ISSA code to their chandler, ship can ensure they are ordering the correct item among the thousands featured.

The 2013 Edition is the current edition of the ISSA Ship Stores Catalog.  It is recognised as the pre-eminent tool when it comes to storing ships. From an anchor to a match, a tea-spoon to a length of steel, the ISSA Catalog categorizes and numbers over 35,000 line items of ship stores.

With a paid for global circulation of over 7,000, the ISSA Ship Supplies Catalog is one of the best advertising opportunities available to suppliers and chandlers to the shipping industry.

NAMS sells the ISSA Ship Supplies Catalog for $265 plus shipping/handling. You have the option of providing your UPS or Fedex account number to NAMS to pay for shipping directly. Otherwise, NAMS can provide you with an estimate for shipping and handling and add that to the purchase price of the catalog.

If you would like to purchase an ISSA catalog, please email us at and provide the mailing address (so we may determine shipping fees) and a phone number at which we may contact you.